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Air Duct Cleaning Services in Hurst, TX

Dirty air ducts are the most common cause of cough and allergies. Are you sneezing all day? Our trained professionals can provide air duct cleaning in Hurst, TX, removing all the allergens and health hazards. With Ace Carpet Cleaning, you know you’re getting the best cleaning services in Hurst, TX, backed by the industry’s strongest 100%-satisfaction guarantee. You can seek our professional assistance and speed up the performance of your HVAC system.

At Ace Carpet Cleaning, we are fully equipped and professionally trained for residential and commercial air duct cleaning. Since our launch into the market, our professionals have acquired many cutting-edge methods to dislodge the dirt fully and wash away the mess effectively. We will stop mold and mildew from growing in the ductwork and spreading into your building.

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We have been familiar with clogged air ducts for years and have served our customers with a professional air duct cleaning process. We know all the problems unclean air ducts can cause and have all solutions to remove them. In addition, we are an affordable choice with the desired results. All this makes us different from our competitors and the No.1 choice of customers.

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Well! It depends upon the scope of the job. According to your HVAC system, either residential or commercial, our prices may vary.

Indeed. With air duct cleaning, you can prevent many respiratory problems. Also, the air quality will increase after the cleaning of your air ducts.

As per professional advice, you should get your air ducts cleaned every three years.

Yes. The EPA seems to think so as mentioned in The Inside Scoop on Indoor Air.  In fact, indoor air is much more polluted than outdoor air according to studies.  Air ducts and air conditioning systems are constantly exposed to moisture which mixes with dust, pollen, and other contaminants.  This gets trapped in the HVAC system and circulates dust and other airborne particles indoors.

Yes.  If your air registers are covered with dust or have dirt streaking out of them, it’s time to have them cleaned.  That is a sure indicator that dust, lint buildup, and debris of all sorts are lurking in the air ducts.  

Simply stated, everyone will benefit.  However, asthmatics, allergy sufferers, and people with breathing issues will be relieved too and notice a greater difference in air quality.  A study conducted by Allergy Consume Review found that HVAC cleaning reduced airborne particulates by about 75% and contributed significantly to a reduction of allergy and illness symptoms in the building. 

Annals of Allergy in 1993 discovered that residential duct cleaning reduced airborne fungus coming from ducts 84% to 92% and these were measurements taken 8 weeks after the cleaning!  If the entire unit is properly cleaned, a substantial amount of contaminants will be removed, allowing the system to circulate cleaner air.  Furthermore, by deep cleaning and sanitizing the unit 99.99% of odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew will be eliminated.

Improperly cleaned AC units are a source of malodor.  According to Hospitality World Network, the most common source of unpleasant odors in PTAC systems is the accumulation of condensation in the base pan.  By deep cleaning and sanitizing the unit, facility managers can kill up to 99.99% of odor causing bacteria, mold, and mildew.

1. It’s an energy saver. An outstanding study published in November 2006 ASHRAE Journal (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) concluded that cleaning the cooling and heating coils yearly improved cooling and heating ability by 25 percent. Properly cleaned units transfer air more efficiently and at a higher rate of speed to reduce the amount of energy consumed.
2. It can reduce house dust. Hooray! Less dusting is always good.
3. It’s a maintenance check on your system. When you clean the air ducts, you look over the whole system and discover all kinds of things. Plastic toys melting on heating coils, ripped or torn air ducts., ducts separated at the joints which are easy to fix, holes in ducts from rats, missing furnace filters, or smashed ducts from when the exterminator was in the attic are sometimes discovered. All these energy wasting, contaminating, and money-consuming situations can be revealed during the cleaning process.

Our Green Cleaning Process has 6 steps in total.  However, before we begin the cleaning process, the areas surrounding the vents and unit will be cleared and tarps will cover furniture.  Steps Involved:

1. Complete coil cleaning
2. AC pan cleaned
3. Drain line flushed and treated
4. Entire unit sanitized
5. Fan blower vacuumed
6. Air Ducts and registers cleaned

Of course, they are using these systems more frequently in the summer and winter months.  During these seasons, lingering and stagnant water provides optimal conditions for odor-causing bacteria to thrive and breed.  And it’s no surprise that unpleasant smells deter customers or facility visitors.  A recent Harris Interactive survey found 90% of U.S. adults would never rebook at a hotel and 85% would never return to a restaurant with unpleasant odor.  

Furthermore, International Facility Management Association (IFMA) reported that poor indoor air quality and irregular building temperatures rank in the top 10 office building complaints.  This evidence reveals how important it is for facility managers to look for ways to improve IAC.  

One way to attack the challenges associated with poor IAC is to implement regular air conditioning unit deep cleanings.  Deep cleaning AC units are beneficial for:

1. HVAC – heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems
2. PTAC – packaged terminal air conditioners
3. VTAC – vertical terminal air conditioners
4. Horizontal Fan Coils

The National Technical Information Service states HVAC accounts for 30% of a commercial building’s energy consumption, which represents the highest consumption for a single entity.

With excessive costs directly related to HVAC systems, services that increase the efficiency of AC units help decrease utility costs, increase occupants comfort level, and show well with owners and upper management.  A recent independent study revealed that deep cleaning AC units can increase air flow up to 28% to greatly reduce energy consumption throughout the building.

Yes, after having the units cleaned, they are returned to original quality which maximizes the life of the assets.  Hospitality World Network states, a well-maintained AC system can last up to 10 years, but that number decreases significantly when units are not properly cared for.

A complete AC unit deep cleaning brings together state-of-the-art chemicals and quality service professionals to provide professional results.  For many facility managers, this is the best solution.  This ensures each step is thoroughly completed by a trained technician using the proper chemicals and dilutions.  Also, it limits downtime and ensures every piece of the unit is properly reassembled to avoid unit errors.

The bottom line is improved IAQ (indoor air quality), efficiency, and reducing energy consumption create a win-win for building guests and management.

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