Why Should You Have Your Carpet Stretched

When the carpet is first installed it usually looks great.  But over time buckles or wrinkles can start to show up.  You might wonder what causes this.  Well, it’s caused by a few things:

1.It was not power stretched upon installation, thus leaving the carpet loose.
2. Excessively wet carpet due to weak extraction equipment like “Rug Doctors.”
3. Bulging humps in the carpet can occur because of heavy furniture.
4. Super heavy foot traffic areas weaken the backing of the carpet.
5. Pushing extremely heavy objects across the carpet, such as furniture.

If these wrinkles are left in the carpet and neglected, this will actually make the problem worse.  Why, you might ask.  Here’s the answer.  If the portion of the carpet sticking up or bulging up is in a heavily trafficked area, your shoes leave soil in that part of the carpet.  In other words, the wrinkle will become filthy.  And if left unattended for a really long time, the fibers will begin to wear down and come out of the wrinkle.  Then you have a costly repair at your hands.

The Solution To This Problem

We have a simple and effective method for stretching the carpet which gets rid of the wrinkle and brings the carpet back to its original condition. We use a mini-power stretcher to stretch the carpet to the wall or joint if in a hall.  Once the carpet is stretched flat, we then trim off the excess carpet and tuck it back under the baseboard.  If in a hall, we release a joint or seam from one end and stretch excess over opening, trim off excess and re-seam carpet.  We are experts in this and results are beautiful.  Once the carpet is stretched, it’s most likely that it will never need to be stretched again.

Moving The Furniture Out Of The Room Before Stretching

We will move any necessary furniture from the areas needing stretching.  Sometimes not all furniture needs to be moved due to the location of the buckle and/or direction of the buckle.  However, if you have extremely valuable antiques that you would rather move yourself, that’s fine.  Just consult with us first and let us know if you have any extremely heavy furniture or valuable antiques.

Guarantee On Workmanship

We offer a 1 Year Guarantee on all stretching and repair jobs performed.  

Permanent Carpet Stain

We can easily patch the carpet with a piece of carpet from the closet or extra carpet in your attic or garage.  We have patched numerous stains; such as stubborn ink, nail polish, latex paint, and even bleach discolorations.  The results are amazing.  9 times out of 10 your carpet will look original again and you’re not going to be able to see the patch.  This is really smart and will save you hundreds of dollars.  

Repairing Burns, Holes, Or Tears In The Carpet

We can patch Burns, Holes, Or Tears just like a stain.  We can even replace the pad if the burn damaged it.  Holes and burns are easy to fix.  Tears take a little more attention, depending on the carpet type and how bad the tear is.  Tears either have to be patched or re-seamed.  Once completed, you will not be able to see the patched area.  Berber carpet is the exception to the rule, and can be difficult to repair especially if it’s patterned.

Other Repairs We Offer

We can install new tack strips if the nails have smashed down and don’t grab anymore.  We can install new brass molding tack strips or covers for transition areas going to the hard surface.  If there’s something under the carpet or pad causing a hill in the carpet, we will open it up and remove the object.  Then the carpet will lay flat again.  If there is anything you are curious about, but it isn’t mentioned here, let us know and we can discuss possible solutions. 

Preparing For Your Appointment

A couple of things will help our job tremendously.  Please pick up kids toys from open areas of carpet and stack them on the bed or in area not being stretched.  Also, please remove any clothes, socks, or shoes from areas to be stretched.  Lastly, please vacuum all the carpeted areas that need be stretched, as this will help our job go much faster.


Area < 250 square feet – $40 per area or room.

Area > 250 square feet – $80 per area or room.

Halls are typically considered a room since we will have to seam the carpet.

Closets are free as part of the room being stretched, unless it’s a very large closet such as a 10 x 10.

If you are getting the carpet cleaned at the same time, please ask us about our combination discount. 

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